May 24, 2019

Zuma Vows to End Xenophobic Attacks


By Derrick Kiplagat
South African President Jacob Zuma on Saturday pleaded with immigrants to stay in South Africa after cancelling his official visit to Indonesia, in order to deal with the deadly xenophobic attacks in the country.
Zuma has vowed to see an end to the attacks and pleaded with foreigners to stay. The last three weeks has seen the rise of anti-foreigner violence which has claimed the lives of at least 6 immigrants and forcing over five thousand people to makeshift refugee camps.
The altercation started at the Eastern port city of Durban before spreading to other parts of the country, and are chillingly similar to the xenophobic riots that occurred in South Africa in 2008 leaving 62 people dead and scores injured.
In the most recent incident, South African police have reported the death of a foreigner who died of multiple stab wounds in Alexandra in North Johannesburg. The small town was the bull’s eye of Saturday’s attacks with police officers forced to fire rubber bullets at the looters. 30 arrests were made on Saturday night alone.
Pressured by a possible repeat of the 2008 bloodshed, Zuma travelled to Durban to visit a camp for the foreigners who had been displaced by the violence but he faced hostile reception from the crowd which yelled “Go home” and “Too late.”
“As government, we’re not saying you go away. It is not every South African who is saying ‘go away’. It is a very small number of people who say so,” Zuma said as he presented a cheque of 50,000 Rand to help the displaced.
He sought to assure the crowd there was a place for foreigners in South Africa and vowed to put the unrest to an end.

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