May 24, 2019



By Calvin Osiemo

It has been a busy week I believe for most of us in one way or the other trying to make ends meet as we eagerly awaited the digital switch on. On the other note, Politics didn’t take a break as well. In a couple of days as from 14th February 2015, the four big Media industry players namely Citizen TV owned by Royal Media Services, NTV and QTV owned by Nation Media Group and KTN owned Standard Media Group were forcefully shut down by the Communication Authority in a bid to beat the Digital Migration of transmission of their content.

This meant that most Kenyans were in the darkness as far as news is concerned. Bearing in mind that most major stories in our news bulleting are political in nature, many people were left to rely on radio and internet for information on what was happening in the country and beyond. As the four media outlets planned there massive comeback, am made to believe that politicians were a happy lot as this assured of their presence in the limelight to help them push their agenda.

However, there was an adverse effect on political progress and events during the blackout, we witnessed CORD postpone the launch of much publicized Okoa Kenya initiative. CORD leader Raila Odinga regretted the postponing of the launch citing that it was not possible to go on with the exercise as most of Kenyans would not be reached without the coverage of the proceedings by the 3 main TV stations namely Citizen, NTV and KTN.

Oppositions critics have came saying that CORD politicizes everything allegations that have been strongly disputed by the CORD coalition. CORD principal Raila Odinga was quoted saying that the move by the Communication Authority move to shut down the stations would deny Kenyans an avenue to air their opinions regarding the Okoa Kenya Initiative.

Away from the Digital Migration issue, CORD Secretary General Ababu Namwamba has been on the spotlight of late over allegations of misuse of office of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee. Namwamba has also been accused of being manipulated to alter the committee’s reports. This led PAC to be a subject of discussion on the floor of the house in the past week.

The allegations have sparked a feud in ODM with very heated discussions around the matter. Ababu Namwamba is allegedly not in good terms with Party Chairman John Mbadi. Now the question is what is cooking in Orange party?

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