December 08, 2019

Is It Worth It To Pay For Music Streaming Services?


People who like to stream songs over the internet will notice that all the services of streaming songs will be competing for their attention. Are the premium streaming services worth your money or do you think you should stick to the free services?

A look at the free services reveals that you will always have unlimited access to more than 1500 radio stations globally. This would take place if you wanted to stream live iHeartRadio and radio. Most of the radio apps are contained in this plan and thus viewed as the one with the largest catalog.

It is possible to stream over 15 million songs which are ad-free and cost-free. This plan works the same as a radio station and thus if you wanted to listen to music, you will not have freedom of choosing the songs, artists or albums you want to hear.

Away from the free services, let’s look at Spotify. More options are offered by this famous streamer than the free services. Individuals have total control over the songs, albums, artists and playlists that they want to listen to. This streamer has a free version, but you can always upgrade to the premium version for a fee. However, the free version has fewer ads than the premium version.

The other form of music streaming is the paid music streaming. People who use this category enjoy a lot of benefits like offline listening, unlimited downloads and no ads. The most important thing about paying services is that the cost is fixed and does not vary across the board. This is usually approximately 10 dollars per month.

Of all the paid music streaming sites,  Rhapsody has the largest song selection. It has 10 million more selections of songs than any of the others with a song selection of about 32 million. You could add up to 20,000 songs to your devices using Google Play if you have the “All Access” subscription. With this subscription in Google play, you can stream millions of songs.

Thus, it would be better to pay extra money for music streaming because it would get you perks in turn.

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