May 24, 2019

Why one million Safaricom employees might be rendered jobless

Safaricom Dealers Association has on Monday (6/11/17) condemned the National Super Alliance (NASA) call for boycott.

Safaricom said that one million Kenyans will be left jobless if the Opposition does not call off the product boycott immediately.

Led by their chairperson Esther Muchemi, the dealers said that if the current situation persists, the leading communications company in the country will have to cut down on labour, which means sending home some employees.

“We appeal to all Kenyans to resist such calls to kill our economy. Boycotting Safaricom means no communication networks and those who will lose jobs are our brothers and sisters with families to feed and children to educate.

“What is right is right, whether it is projected by Jubilee, NASA, or any other political outfit. We are not politicians but bad politics will affect our business. Let us sober up,” said Mushemi.

Esther Muchemi also urged the political class to stick to politics and let business people run their affairs without interference.

The NASA coalition asked its supporters to boycott products of companies it considers supported President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta in the August 8 presidential election.

NASA listed Safaricom, Bidco and Brookside as some of the firms whose products and services their supporters should boycott.

“We will resist the products of these companies because they are beneficiaries of the regime that killed people in this country,” said Suna East Member of Parliament (MP) Junet Mohamed.

Mr Junet accused Brookside and Bidco of funding the Jubilee Party.

“These companies have denied Kenyans their right to elect their leaders in a democratic process,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore said the telco transmitted the August 8 elections results to the Kenya Integrated Election Management System kits as per the contractual agreement.

He added that the company is ready to be investigated for any alleged malpractice.

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