October 23, 2018

Mr. Business: Why We Embrace Team Work


By Telford Aduda

Teamwork can be defined as the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Team work is often a crucial part of a business, as it is often necessary for the colleagues to work together, trying their best in any circumstances to achieve business goals.

In today’s ‘me-first’ business climate where the self-made millionaire is worshiped as a guru, it is easy to think of teamwork as a needless roadblock to one’s own success. In many fields, people have been conditioned to keep information secret, refuse to help others, and even sabotage colleagues and co-workers to get ahead. The truth is that even the most successful individuals couldn’t have done it without their unheralded associates, co-workers, assistants, or family members helping them along the way.

Teamwork has been the driving force behind innovation. Whether we are talking about a small business, a major corporation, a non-profit organization, a city or a country, teamwork is the key to growth and innovation in the future. On the personal and organizational levels, here are some of the benefits of teamwork:

Increased efficiency
Every person in an organization has specialties, and collaboration allows each individual to focus on what he or she does best. Teams always need time to establish and members to get along before they reap the benefits, however, any group that perseveres through the early stages and finds a healthy team rhythm will achieve increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved performance
When you are able to focus on what you do best and don’t have to deal with task that are beyond your skills or capabilities, you produce higher-quality work.

Team work builds trust
Relying on other people builds trust, and teamwork establishes strong relationship with co-workers. Effective teams enjoy working together. Trusting a teammate establishes the foundation of a relationship that can endure minor conflicts and also provides a feeling of safety that allows ideas to emerge. Without trust, a team crumbles and cannot succeed on assigned projects. By working together, employees learn that wins and losses affect everyone in the team. Team work necessitates confidence in each other’s distinct abilities.

Team work reduces stress
Working alone sometimes can be stressful and can have negative consequence on your productivity. Most of us can only endure pressure over a short period of time, after which we might explode; however, it’s nice to have people to work with since they will take off some of the load when the going gets too intense.

Team work lead to innovation
Innovation comes from years of hard effort by a group of people rather than an individual. Most lasting innovations have multiple stages, starting with the creative process moving through the development, refinement, execution and revision phases, and there is need for input from many different individuals.

The bigger picture
There can never be success if the leaders of an organization spend hour’s daily dealing with inconsequential administrative or operational matters. Having a solid team to handle these tasks allows a manager to guide the overall trajectory of the organization without getting lost in the details.

Encourages healthy risk taking
When working on a project alone, you will probably not want to stick your neck out for off-the –wall ideas, because if the project fails, you take full responsibility. While you may not get full credit for a successful team project, working with others spreads out the responsibility for a failed assignment.


Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your business working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal. Remember that teamwork allows employees to take greater responsibility for decision making, and allows team members to control more of the work process.

Embrace teamwork and see your venture into the next level.

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