September 24, 2018

Why Women Side With Mwalimu King’ang’i of Classic 105


By Agnes Aineah

Classic 105 morning show hosted by Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i has cut a societal niche of demonizing the modern married man as a person that is insufferable to his female counterpart.

Maina Kageni, who usually takes the side of women buoys them up to call and send texts that often decry defined habits of men that wouldn’t be pertinent, he believes, to the modern-day woman.

Mwalimu King’ang’i on the other hand holds onto a stingy character in relation to the women, characteristic of the traditional man who  believes the husband should always take the lead in matrimony  where the woman maintains her subsidiary role.

On Monday’s morning conversation King’ang’i was ostensibly dumbfounded as the women’s calls streamed in, each carrying a confession of having at least one ‘Mpango Wa Kando’, with Kageni apparently cheering them on all the time to go on pouring out what society would call disgrace, and rightfully so.

On other occasions, King’ang’i has found no fault in the woman sticking to taking care of the family once she has tied the knot while the husband hangs around with ‘his boys’ a while longer. Kageni insists on equality in all respects even if it means both the wife and husband going to night clubs and leaving their one month old tot at home unattended.

In the capacity of a woman, though not married yet, I would not buy most of Kageni’s morning show stuff. I aspire for a happy and long marriage and none of Kageni’s advice would be a pillar for my heartfelt yearning.

It has been granted by a more superior power that the husband is the head of the house, trusted with the role to love and shield his wife with his life.

The woman has no choice but to respect her husband without question. Love and respect are as distinct as night and day. For a better grasp on these roles, I suggest one listens to real marriage counsellors.

There is no solution is getting back at a cheating husband with digging oneself with Mpango wa Kando as well. And there is actually no equity in joining your girls for a sleep over just because your man can’t give up on his boys for his family. In as much as equality is sought, the woman who gets at his husband with such means only destroys her family. It is only the wife that either builds or destroys her family, so says the Holy Book.

Instead, do the things that will shape the man into the husband you desire to have. When he goes out in the dark to do only God know what, let him come back into earnest hands, warmer than he can ever find elsewhere, and you will have no reason to embarrass yourself, calling and whimpering on national media, only to the satisfaction of Maina Kageni, who is evidently not a marriage counsellor.

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