August 14, 2020

Why Businesses Owners Prefer Hiring Disabled People

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By Ken Kaugi

For many business owners, hiring staff with disabilities may appear like a big risk. This is mainly due to limited resources especially for business owners.
Despite the recent 23rd anniversary of the approval of American with Disability Act (ADA), many business owners still have misgivings about employing people with disabilities. This is due to the cost of accommodation and underestimation of their work quality in the organization. Other risks perceived by the business owners include the legal actions of hiring disabled people, possibility of taking time off due to their status, and cost of equipment for people with disabilities.
Hiring people with disabilities should not be based on how much society pressures business owners but on the rate of return on investments in the business. For example, 56.7 million people with disabilities in the United States play a significant part in the economic health of the country. Business owners should focus on the reality, not perception. For example, people with disabilities tend to have the longer lifespan with the company than others. Hence, increase the rate of return on investments for the business for longer terms, making them more valuable.
In addition, due to the unique needs of people with disabilities, the business’ ability to change with the new technology becomes easy as it can adjust to the needs and efficiency of these groups compared to those that operate without staff with disabilities.
The business owners consider benefits over the cost of accessibility. Businesses with employed people with disabilities have the real advantage in taking care of the minor subset of the population. For example, the total worth of people with disabilities and their families approximate to $ 269bn in terms of purchasing power. Thus, people prefer to consider organizations or businesses employing people with disabilities when they purchase.
In addition, business owners benefit from the tax programs and benefits for their disabled employees. For example, the benefits include the cost of training and hiring staff with disabilities.
Business owners should also consider the practice of diversity in hiring. They provide equal opportunity to all people in search of preferred candidate capable of the enterprise needs. Thus, employing persons with disability in the operation is not only a privilege but an investment in the company.

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