January 22, 2020

WHO announces plan for Kenya’s universal healthcare

Kenya has on Wednesday (10/1/18) received a reprieve after the World Health Organization (WHO) made a decision to support the country’s universal healthcare plan.

WHO pledged to fully support delivery of universal healthcare for all Kenyans within the next five years.

WHO’s Director General Tedros Adhanon said the organisation will work closely with Government to ensure the plan is achieved.

“Universal Health Coverage is a priority to World Health Organization and so I am happy that the President of Kenya has listed it among the four pillars in his second term I therefore want to assure him that WHO is fully in support of that agenda.

“I am looking forward to partnering with you to improve health, not only in Kenya but also in the region,” said Adhanon.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said an existing implementation plan will ensure Kenyans have access to improved and affordable healthcare.

“We have a relatively young population – I see no reason why we cannot achieve our health targets. But it is not just about access and neither is it about infrastructure or management of health systems. We are looking at ensuring that it is affordable and efficient. Otherwise, it will collapse,” said President Uhuru.

“I am keen on developing a healthcare model that will be acceptable to the devolved units. A model that will guarantee our people better services,” he added.

The Wednesday meeting was also attended by Cabinet Secretaries Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs), Cleopa Mailu (Health) and Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita.

In Kenya, many segments of the population have minimal access to high-quality healthcare and social services.

In 2010, the Government of Kenya enacted a new Constitution which outlines a framework to alleviate poverty, with a focus on improving governance and addressing inequalities in health, education and economic growth.

The Constitution created a new, restructured system of devolved governance with two tiers of elected government at national and county levels.

As a result, health related policies and regulations are being revised in order to help the Government attain its goal of strengthening the national healthcare system.

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