February 17, 2020

Wetang’ula vows not to address Speaker Lusaka with proper title

Bungoma Senator and the National Super Alliance (NASA) principal Moses Wetang’ula has vowed not to address the newly elected Senate Speaker, Kenneth Lusaka, with his proper title.

Mr Wetang’ula was on Thursday (31/8/17) reluctant to address the new Speaker as “Mr Speaker Sir.”

The former Bungoma Governor Lusaka, promised to put their political differences aside and work with Wetang’ula in the Senate.

“I’ll extend my hand of goodwill to him to work together. Let’s come together our small differences should not blind us from serving our people,” Lusaka noted.

The Speaker also dismissed claims that his new position will derail his relationship with Wetang’ula.

“It is not going to affect anything. I will be the Speaker of everyone,” Lusaka reiterated.

Lusaka clinched the seat with 42 votes out of the 67 that were cast.

Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim came second with 25 votes.

The voting session went into the second round after none of the six candidates garnered the mandatory two-thirds of the total vote, 45 out of 67, required to be declared victor.

In the first round, Lusaka garnered 40 votes as Mr Maalim managed 23.

Justin Muturi on the other hand was re-elected as the National Assembly Speaker.

Muturi retained his seat after garnering 220 votes against his opponent, Dr Noah Awinja, who got one vote during the second round of voting.

During the first round, Muturi got 217 votes against Awinja’s 4 votes which was not enough to give him the two-thirds majority.

A candidate needs 233 votes to get a majority in the house of 349 legislators to achieve the majority required to be elected National Assembly speaker.

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