December 17, 2017

Wetangula Plans ‘Mother of all rallies’ in Bungoma


By Calvin Osiemo

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula is set to hold a public rally on Friday at the Posta Grounds in Bungoma. The meeting has been convened to address the recent purchase of wheelbarrows that has caused huge public outcry over misappropriation of funds from the Bungoma County government coffers. The rally however comes amid high tension between Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka who is at the centre of the scandal and Senator Wetangula.

It has emerged that Senator Wetangula is not happy with the management of funds in Bungoma County and seeks to address the issue in the upcoming rally that has been termed ‘the mother of all rallies’.

Wetangula lamented the fact that the county is not meeting the set revenue collection target, accusing some individuals of collecting more money than they had accounted for. He took issue with Governor Lusaka saying that despite the county being highly populated the revenue collected had failed to reflect returns in terms of development.

“The County Government had set a target of Ksh. 1.4 Billion for revenue collection each month but we are told they are collecting only Ksh. 182 million. What we know is that these people are collecting more money and pocketing it, hence crippled development in the county. We are the third most populated county hence we receive billions each financial year but the results of development are not visible. Let the money we allocate benefit the locals,” he said.

The tension between the two leaders has been spurred further by the recent purchase of 10 wheelbarrows at a cost of Ksh. 109,000 per piece. Lusaka defended the move by saying the farm equipment which is for use in local abattoirs is made with special stainless steel material that is cancer free.

However, the governor has taken issue with the rally terming it is an inciting move to cause chaos and unrest in the county.

“We don’t expect elected leaders to hold rallies at such a time of the year because it will cause bad blood and hatred for nothing. Elected leaders represent the locals and they should meet and talk not organise rallies to incite them,” Lusaka said

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