October 23, 2018

We Got alot to Learn From Nature

By Gatuiri Kathendu

I love nature walks. There is something about seeing animals and plants in their natural environment. Not the caged fish in offices or the suffocating roots in flower pots. I love it natural. Where the fish can swim freely with no boundaries and the roots can breath with ease.

Well, I love the same about human beings. Natural. If you are dark skinned, then stay that way. If its brown, well and good. Caucasian? Well, that’s who you are.

Today everything is coming with so many versions that the original version of the particular thing is no longer there. It’s so faded and forgotten. The original Vaseline petroleum jelly, the one that we had many years ago. Is it still the one pure petroleum jelly we have today? The cooking fats we used those days, today ‘it’s full of cholesterol’ hence we have to change to oils because its ‘pure and without cholesterol’. The big question is; what changed?

The African woman who was esteemed for her colour and shape (whether lean or curvy), what has happened? Today she feels so uncomfortable with herself hence goes for bleaches to change her skin colour, sponges to increase her curves while others take to pills to become lean.

I read a funny message on one of the social media platforms that the todays woman has nothing of her own (of course not all women). The eve lashes are added, the nails have been bought, the lip colour is not original, the butt was operated on, the hips have been bought too, the hair has been imported…Yet she prays for a man who is real. Well, it’s a challenge right?

But one thing I know about nature, is that it has a way of revenging. Ever seen a lady who has overused bleaches? {don’t say it loud). What about the ones who have had allergic reactions from the pills they use to enlarge themselves or change some of their organs in one way or the other? And what about the potted plant; what happens when it can’t take the confinement anymore? It cracks the pot just to free it’s precious roots.

We should learn from nature. When God created everything, He looked at it and saw it was good. Even man. Everything.

We are born originals but many die as photocopies. This is because we are busy becoming others and forgetting who we really are. Groupie and cliques is the in-thing such that one can never make a decision on their own. They must ask this or the other ‘friend’ to confirm whether or not… Many of us cannot be independent in anything. No wonder the job market has suffered a lot because this person wants to work with their friend in this office. And marriages? Don’t even say anything! You marry this man/woman but you can be sure you have married six of them. Why? Because this wife/husband cannot do anything without consulting their girls/boys. No wonder they are called girls and boys-they don’t qualify for marriage. (They are yet to grow up to be ladies and gentleman worth of them.

Thing is, we got a lot to learn from nature. The natural selves and the natural world around us. Otherwise, we will not live to our full potential as we were intended from the very beginning.

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