October 23, 2018




The 2015 Out of Africa Film Festival started on Friday the 30th of October and is expected to run till Sunday the 1st of November as the festival showcases various films of different genres from the African continent. The annual film showcase was held at the Louis Leakey auditorium at the Kenya National Museum in Nairobi.

The feature film on the opening night was ‘I will not be silenced’, a film that follows the story of an Australian aid worker who was gang raped while in a foreign country and her relentless fight for justice despite huge challenges.
Film sensation ‘Warriors’ was screened on Saturday making it the first time the production has been shown in Kenya, though it has been screened successfully in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The film describes the efforts of a group of young Maasai warriors in Nanyuki County who have used cricket as a means of tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early/arranged child marriage in the Maasai community. The film tracks the growth of the initiative and how they shot to fame when they went for a cricket tournament in London and astonished people by playing in their traditional attire.

Warriors captain Mike Sonyanga was happy with the premiere and pledged that the Warrior’s support for the cause against FGM would not waver and they would continue championing for the rights of the girl child. He added that the Warriors are planning a tour of various cities in the United Kingdom among other plans.

OOAIWarriors Screening

From Left: Maasai Cricket Warrior Mike Sonyanga and one of his warriors and the Warriors and their guests during the screening

Other films screened included Asha, a short film that compares the discrimination of Muslims in modern day Kenya to discrimination of the Agikuyu during the colonial period. The festival ends on Sunday evening, with the film ‘He named me Malala’.

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