July 19, 2019

Waiganjo Sentenced to a Five Year Jail Term for Impersonating Officer


By Derrick Kiplagat

Famous police impostor Joshua Waiganjo has been sentenced to five years by a court in Naivasha after he was found guilty of masquerading as a police officer. The court has convicted Waiganjo on five charges and exonerated him of five charges as well, in one of the several cases he is facing.

Senior Resident Magistrate Shadrack Mwinzi noted that Waiganjo, who remains adamant that he is a police officer, had failed to prove that he really is. Waiganjo was acquitted on two counts of robbery with violence after the complainants failed to testify in court.

Waiganjo was found guilty and sentenced to five years for impersonating a police officer, one year for dressing in police uniform and six months each for three charges of being in possession of government stores.

The charges against the impostor will run concurrently meaning that the accused will only serve the highest jail term of five years. Addressing the court, the magistrate said that it was the responsibility of Waiganjo to prove that he was a police officer. He added that police officers had proven beyond all doubt that Waiganjo impersonated an assistant commissioner of police.

The magistrate added that Waiganjo failed to prove that he was a senior police officer as alleged and failed to defend his decision to wear police uniform. The prosecution informed the court that the accused had three previous convictions in Murang’a, Molo and Naivasha. Waiganjo’s lawyer Simon Kamau called for leniency, stating that his client should not be punished twice as he was already serving two years for similar offenses.

Kamau termed his client as a changed man, adding that in the period he has been in jail, no complaints had been raised by the prison department. The accused, however, has 14 days to appeal the conviction.

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