April 22, 2019

Uhuru warns huge spending on salaries could plunge country into economic downfall

President Uhuru Kenyatta challenged parliamentarians on Wednesday (15/03/17) to support an interim report by the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC) seeking to review salaries of public and State officers.

Uhuru noted that the SRC report outlining the Review of Remuneration and Benefits for State Officers for the period 2017-2022 is the only solution to develop the nation.

President Uhuru who spoke to a joint session of Parliament in his State of the Nation address, said the wage bill had grown to unsustainable proportions posing a major threat to the nation’s development agenda, calling for sobriety in the wage bill debate.

He stressed that the huge spending on salaries could plunge the country into an economic downfall if care is not taken.

“The public wage bill stands at Sh627 billion equating to half revenue collected by the government and this is because 50 per cent of revenue collected goes to less than 2 per cent of Kenyans in the country.

“We must therefore as leaders agree to have a pay cut to ease this burden on our economy,” he said on Wednesday.

“I know the silent fear of every politician is ending their career broke and destitute but we must not get rich as politicians at the expense of Kenyans because the ever-increasing salaries and allowances have made those in the lower cadre demand more,” indicated Uhuru.

The Head of State Stated that it was time for politicians to take the paycut and lead by example.

“As politicians we must accept that our ever increasing salaries and allowances have contributed to the unsustainable demands by other cadres within the public sector to increase their own remuneration at the expense of our people and the country’s development agenda,” he said.

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