September 25, 2020

Uhuru tears into Trump over border wall

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called against the construction of walls between countries.

In an interview with CNN, President Uhuru termed “troubling” the move by US President Donald Trump to put up one on the country’s border with Mexico.

The President said Trump’s plan is to focus more on US than countries she trades with.

“We see today a growing tendency towards isolationism, moving away from globalisation, which has enabled many countries in the West to reach the levels of development that they have and now constraining it when it comes to the African continent,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru differed with President Trump, saying that governments need to find alternative ways to deal with immigrants and other problems affecting citizens.

“The way is not just to put up a big wall and shut people out.

“We live in Kenya, as you know, on a very troublesome border with Somalia. But yet, at the same time, we acknowledge that we can’t just wake up one morning and close the border because these are real people,” the President noted.

In March, Kenya suspended construction of a border wall with Somalia to pave way for bilateral talks between two countries.

The construction was halted amid tensions in Mandera Town and Bulahawa in Somalia over a dispute in which some 64 houses had been earmarked for demolition to pave way for border wall construction.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba and his Gedo Region counterpart Mohamed Mohamud Aden assured residents that an amicable solution was being brokered between the two governments.

“There is no military occupation nor is there a single house that has been demolished by Kenyan troops. Treat that as propaganda by enemies of good relations that Mandera County and Gedo region enjoy,” said Roba.

“We are alarmed by snippets of misinformation in social that Kenyan military have raided the border and are demolishing houses. As you can see we are peaceful and we have suspended the construction of the border wall to allow for negotiations between the two countries,” Roba added.

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