April 20, 2019

UASU dismisses claims that lecturers strike over

The Universities’ Academic Staff Union (UASU) has on Tuesday (24/1/17) dismissed reports that the national strike by lecturers has been called off after the Inter-Public University Council Consultative Forum (IPUCCF) offered them a three percent pay rise.

University of Nairobi branch Chairperson Dr Richard Bosire said IPCCUF called the officials to a negotiating table but ‘nothing really happened’.

Speaking to Capital FM, Bosire said the strike will continue as long as the IPCCUF engages the unions in “back and forth games to buy time” instead of giving solutions to the proposed 2013-2017 CBA.

“If someone is asking for a structured salary, then you come up with three percent, it amounts to contempt,” Bosire remarked. “Three percent of what? Of what we have proposed or our current earnings?”

He reiterated that the strike will continue until the CBA is negotiated, signed and implemented, pleading with the Ministry of Education to intervene in the situation in order to give fresh impetus to stalled talks.

“We’re going to ensure that our rights are met. We only pray that our country’s leadership listens to us,” said Bosire.

On Sunday (22/1/17) Coast university students gave the Government one week ultimatum to end the ongoing lectures and doctors’ strike or they call for a countrywide mass action.

Under the umbrella body, Jumuiya ya Wanfunzi wa Pwani (JUWAPWA), the over 50,000 member union noted that the mass action will be thrice weekly.

JUWAPWA Organizing Secretary Felix Mariera said studies have been completely paralyzed and the government must solve the stalemate immediately. He was Speaking at the Technical University of Mombasa.

The court had ordered Kenya Universities’ Staff Union to enter into negotiations with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the Federation of Kenya Employers and the Inter-Public University Councils Consultative Forum.

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