April 20, 2019

Tired of slow internet connection? Try other options!


Internet broadband connections have improved to date due to use of popular options. These include cable, satellite and DSL. The introduction of these broadband options have increased the speed of internet connections. This has led to wide coverage and faster internet connection.

Cable connections done in homes or business premise uses an underground cable connection. The DSL images (2)connection is done over the telephone lines while the satellite connections requires use of a small dish on the roof which enables reception and transmission of internet connection to the satellite.

The cable, DSL and satellite connection allows the use of your phone while connected to the internet. This makes it unique and effective than the dial up internet connection. For cases where the DSL and cable appear inaccessible like in the rural areas, satellite services is appropriate for internet connection compared to the dial up connection which is slow in connection.

The three broadband connections are much faster than dial up connection. The speed connection depends on the plan the company signs up for the connection. However, on average it is approximated to be 40 times faster than the dial up.

The pros and cons for the usage of internet connection include:

For example, the DSL gives steady speed internet connection for users ranging from minimum of two to 200. Cable internet connection speed can reduce due to the use of other users sharing same underground cable at the same time.

Satellite connection has wide coverage. This includes in the remote areas. For example people with poor DSL and Cable connection may find satellite connection effective and efficient in high speed internet connection and sharing. However, the signal travels far distance, it experiences delays and installation is much expensive compared to other options.

However, the cable connection may be affected by the number of users in the area thus they charge more price on installation than the DSL charges. The DSL prices rise at the end one year sign. However, if you possess a TV cable, the installation price may reduce.

In case of use of DSL or cable connection to internet, it requires a broadband modem. But with satellite internet connection it only requires an installed dish. Despite of any option from the DSL, Cable and satellite, they will provide better and high speed internet connections than the dial up connection.



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