July 19, 2019

Tips to Gather From Pope Francis to Make Kenyan Families Work

Pope Francis

By Etaarifa Editor

There is a section of the Kenyan society aching to have pressing social issues tackled by Pope Francis especially centered on the family. This is in addition to the political discourses the leader of the Vatican City will have with President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders in government characteristic of closed-door meetings. Pope Francis is visiting Africa both as the leader of the Catholic Church in the world and the political leader of the Vatican City.

Christians and non-Christian alike have expressed their steadfast enthusiasm in receiving the pope in Kenya, with an appraised 98 percent Christians asserting their delight to have one of the most revered global religious leader in the world step on Kenyan soil during his maiden trip to Africa.

An estimate of 91 percent non-Christians are glad that Kenyans will have a chance to pour their hearts to the leader of the largest section of believers in the world. The estimates are as per the recent research conducted as Kenya puts in place all the necessary arrangements to welcome Pope Francis home for his three-day peace tour into the country that starts on November 25.

The Pontiff’s view concerning delicate issues in society has been sought by different entities in the society.
Curiosity will probably drive some Kenyans to crave to ask the pope what he thinks should be done to the gays and lesbians.

And African gays who often are shunned and persecuted in streets will probably ask Pope Francis to make the society believe that being gay is not a curse.

The Pontiff’s answer will probably not lengthily differ from his earlier assertion, “Who am I to judge them” and “Always obey your conscience”, whereof he will tackle the most wanting issue-society’s breaking family.

Others, who have probably lost grip on their families will look out for tips to make their families work again from Pope Francis whose mission has been greatly centered on the family.

Religious leaders in Kenya have blamed the immoral tendencies in society on shaky families. Such rebellious deeds as radicalization and same sex marriages accrue to lack of stable families where values are not imparted to children during tender age, according to the leader of the Catholic Church in Kenya, John Cardinal Njue.

Here are some tips that Pope Francis gave in one of his homilies that are bound to steer stalled families into motion again.

Pray together– Pope Francis gives a simple yet most effective means to glue families together in a riveting affinity.

We need His (God’s) help, His strength, his blessing, his mercy, his forgiveness. And we need simplicity to pray as a family: simplicity is necessary! Praying the Our Father together, around the table, is not something extraordinary: it’s easy… And also praying for one another! The husband for his wife, the wife for her husband, both together for their children, the children for their grandparents….praying for each other. This is what it means to pray in the family and it is what makes the family strong: prayer.

Keep the faith– The pope implies the obligation of families in instructing their subjects in a particular faith so that they younger members find a bearing for their future.

Christian families are missionary families. …They are missionary in everyday life, in their doing everyday things, as they bring to everything the salt and the leaven of faith! Keeping the faith in families and bringing to everyday things the salt and the leaven of faith.

Experience joy– Pope Francis says that there is no hurdle for families to experience natural joy without material things backing it.

Dear families, you know very well that the true joy which we experience in the family is not superficial; it does not come from material objects, from the fact that everything seems to be going well… True joy comes from a profound harmony between persons, something which we all feel in our hearts and which makes us experience the beauty of togetherness, of mutual support along life’s journey.

In his open talks addressing couples towards the end of October 2015, Pope Francis expressed his concern over the attacks on the contemporary families most of which, according to him, lack a strong foundation as ought to be. Most are contracts with no commitments, creating room for hard to deal with challenges.

Such are challenges that finally embody themselves in radicalization and same sex marriages, creating an overall headache that all governments have to spend a lot of resources fighting.

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