August 17, 2018

Tips on Achieving your New Year Resolution

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The word new year resolution may not be a new term to many since mankind is used to resolving every year to do certain things that they never get to do. It is not that they do not have what it takes to accomplish these targets, actually most entrepreneurs have what it takes to accomplish these goals. Most people fear to fail, and that’s why they do not begin doing what they wanted to do. However, we cannot pretend that we have not failed simply because we did not try.

As an advice to each entrepreneur this year 2017, the only things that will block you from reaching your target are fear of failure (unknown) and procrastination. For you to reach your New Year target this year, then you must overcome these two things.

Here are some of the tips that will keep you going towards your final goal.

Focus on starting rather than finishing.

Sometimes it is good to focus on the future, but it will not be of great help visualizing an end product if you cannot begin making it. Visualizing on a hard to grasp task can sometimes be depressing. The best solution to this is to concentrate on the first step, you forget about the finishing point and then you concentrate on what can be done right now. By starting, you will build enough momentum to keep you moving. Step by step, finally you will make it to your final destination.

Break a long project down into short task.

It is said that the only way to eat an elephant is to eat it bit by bit. Dwelling on the size and the difficulty of the task will only overwhelm you, hence promoting procrastination. The trick is to break task into smaller steps, with each step along the way, you will focus on the next achievable chunk of work.

Move towards your goals.

Remember that even a tiniest progress is a success. As an entrepreneur, the only thing that can motivate you is the fact that you are moving towards your goal. Know that every step you make is a success, do not be discouraged, and remember that little by little, the bucket will be full. Success is the progress that leads you to the next step.

Finally, you have to change your mindset, and stop thinking on how things should be since it only invokes blame and guilt, just know how things are and work on improving them. It is simple, even Rome was not built in a day, do not focus on how you feel now, but on how good you will feel after you begin to take action.

Etaarifa News wishes you all a happy New Year 2017.



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