July 19, 2019

The Gamo Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle Review


One of the most desired combinations by many air gun fanatics is that of aa gas powered air gun packing a powerful shot but lightweight. In that regard, the Gamo Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle delivers. This model makes for an interesting air gun using what its manufacturers, Gamo Outdoor , call Inert Gas Technology. With this technology, the gun no longer uses the spring technology that is the norm for shooting but rather a pneumatic inert gas cylinder. The technology helps to achieve a powerful force and velocity in the shot pellets increase both their stopping power and range.

Given the buzz surrounding this gun and its increasing rave reviews and also it being a trend setter in the industry, I had to try it out and I am glad I did it sooner. So before I get into my experience let me clear with the specs and what you get with this new air gun from Gamo. The rifle makes use of a lot of synthetic material especially on 

its outer side, the stock and the fluted barrel. A unit also comes with a scope and a cheek piece able to be adjusted for both left and right hands. It also has a pretty long silencer at the front of the barrel. The general outlook of the Whisper is that of a handy, semi rugged gun readily assembled set to go.


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