October 01, 2020

Sonko reveals City Hall’s Sh58 billion debt

Nairobi Governor has on Thursday (28/9/17) revealed that City Hall had a debt of Sh58 billion when he got into office after the August 8 General Election.

Mike Sonko indicated that his government has now streamlined sectors to double revenue collection.

Sonko added that his team is also working to eliminate cartels working with officials to divert funds meant for development.

“It is my sincere hope that all honourable members in this Assembly shall rise to the call of duty and join the rest of Nairobians in this transformative journey to position Nairobi as the best city in Africa. I wish to take this opportunity to warn the City Hall based cartels that soon the long arm of law shall catch up with you,” warned Sonko.

Speaker Beatrice Elachi, pointed out she is hopeful that officials have a common purpose for the county despite differences among MCAs.

“We know some of the members belong to the National Super Alliance others are from the Jubilee Party but they should all remember that Nairobians expect them to deliver services and not to politick,” noted Elachi.
Sonko had in August warned city residents not to fall prey to people who demand bribes to supposedly speed up contract payment and influence the award of fresh tenders.

“It has come to my attention that some individuals purporting to be my staff are soliciting bribes from contractors and suppliers to influence speedy processing of their pending payments,” he stated.

The flamboyant governor stressed that issuance of tenders would be done in accordance with the laws guiding public procurement.

“To those with fake claims and the cartels, please keep off before the long arm of the government gets hold of you,” he said. Under my administration, tenders will be awarded transparently and according to the procurement laws,” he said.

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