April 22, 2019

Security Advisor dismisses claims Kibaki has hit campaign trail

A Security Advisor to former President Mwai Kibaki dismissed claims on Monday (3/o4/2016) that the former President is out of retirement and has hit the campaign trail ahead of the August polls.

Speaking after reports emerged that Kibaki had pitched tent in Laikipia to offer support to his nephew Ndiritu Muriithi, Mr Esau Kioni noted that it was a one-off appearance.

Kioni downplayed the relevance of the former president’s presence in Laikipia reiterating that he had only gone there to offer support to his nephew.

He added that the former president had not and was not considering getting dragged into the ongoing campaigns across the country.

The former Security Advisor highlighted that the former president’s home was in Nyeri and had no political interests in the county of Laikipia.

He surmised that it was highly unlikely that Kenyans will see him on the campaign trail again after the visit to Laikipia.

In a quick rejoinder, however, Muriithi said that he had invited Kibaki to be his chief guest during the launch.

“This was a very special circumstance. As an aspirant, it is encouraging to seek advice and support from former President Kibaki but I do not expect him to go back into politics,” said Muriithi.

He insisted that the former president had attended the two meetings to offer guidance and support and not necessarily join the campaigns.

Ndiritu Muriithi is the son of the late Phillip Muriithi Kibaki, the elder brother of former President Kibaki.

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