December 17, 2017

ROAD TO RIO 2016: Cost Cutting to Meet Budget Limits


Event organizers strive to avoid ghost of 2014 World Cup where the public was up in arms over excess spending.

Organizers of next year’s Olympics which are due to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next year have agreed to cut some of the costs so as to avoid exceeding the 3.6 Billion USD budget. This may be due to the fact that there were widespread protests over the organization of the 2014 World Cup which was also held in Brazil.

Speaking to the BBC, Rio 2016 Communications Director, Mario Andrada, said that the days of lavish spending are over and there was a need to be creative about the way they save their money. Andrada then added that people get angry about luxury and excesses and there was a need for the belts to be tightened when it comes to spending.

It is estimated that the main areas where costs will be cut include the opening ceremony as well as infrastructure at test events. The volunteer program is also likely to be cut as well as the expenditure on tents and structures for Olympic events.

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