February 18, 2019

Professional Bodies to Meet over Universities’ Crisis


By Calvin Osiemo

The ministry of education is seeking an end to end to the wrangles between institutions of higher learning and professional bodies manning the quality of courses offered in universities among other issues.
Cabinet Secretary to the Ministry of Education Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has said that the ministry has called for a meeting between the Commission for Higher Education (CUE) and the professional bodies to address the pressing issues in the higher learning institutions stating that it is CUE that is mandated with the duty of quality assurance in universities.

“The stakeholders meeting between all these parties will be held soon so that we discuss the best way forward an address the concerns of our children. CUE is on top of things. We have also told them to address these issues and I believe it will be done,” said Kaimenyi.

The meeting has been called after a number of public universities were suspended from offering law, pharmacy and engineering courses by the respective professional bodies. Moi University has since sued CLE, accusing the agency of not issuing a notice to seek public views over the closure of the school of law. However, Justice Joseph Onguto has stepped down from handling the case saying he had had engagements before with CLE therefore it won’t be fair to handle the case.

Julius Melly, the Parliamentary Education Committee Vice chair has called upon CUE to work out a plan to sort out the issues to avoid the suffering of students.

“We have a lot of confusion in the education sector that we must address now and this crisis is interfering with the university education,” said Melly

Other stakeholders have complained about the quality of graduates coming out of Kenyan universities. Kenya School of Law Director PLO Lumumba has said that the government is to blame for inadequate funding.

“We have lowered the standards to the lower minimum, provided you can pay. The bulk of students who are admitted to the profession, and it’s not only in the legal profession, are not the very best and we must admit that there a lot of students going into this profession because of peer pressure,” said Lumumba.

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