September 25, 2020

Prof Kiyiapi joins Raila in telling off foreign envoys

Raila on Sunday accused foreign envoys of hypocrisy and turning a blind eye to the electoral justice that they advocated for before the October 26 repeat presidential election.

Former presidential candidate Prof James Ole Kiyiapi also weighed in on the matter and indicated his discontentment with the arbitration by the envoys.

“Western envoys are primarily about interests of their countries and therefore not impartial arbiters of the Kenyan political situation. Let Kenyans navigate through their own issues. We are tired of interventions that do not change our governance matrix!”

The envoys had asked Raila to recognise President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto as the duly elected leaders if at all he wished a National Dialogue to take place.

“When IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati announced that his commission was not ready to conduct elections as there were division among the commissioners, they (envoys) said they were satisfied of the preparations,” said Raila.

The diplomats among them Robert Godec (United States), Nic Hailey (United Kingdom), Alison Chartres (Germany) and Sara Hradecky from Canada asked NASA to recognise the election of President Uhuru as a legitimate expression of the people’s will before a dialogue takes place.

They called on the Opposition to accept that as the basis for dialogue that many Kenyans wanted.

“We are concerned not because not because we presume to dictate how Kenyans should regulate their country’s affairs- we don’t,” the statement read in part.

“But as fellow democracies, we know our freedoms and rights were hard won, and how carefully we must cherish, strengthen and protect them if our nations are to thrive and prosper”.

Raila further accused them of only being keen in their business interests and not the issues affecting Kenyans.

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