April 20, 2019

President Uhuru sends new message to Kisumu residents

President Uhuru Kenyatta urged parents to protect their children against being over-exposed to cyber content that could lead to bullying, radicalisation and corruption of morals.

Speaking on Tuesday (18/04/17) at State Lodge, Kisumu, where he hosted this year’s Kenya National Drama Festival State Concert, President Uhuru stressed that children must be guided away from falling prey to digitally delivered vices.

“Rather, we need to remind them that these new media are tools, and tools are to be used in a spirit of patriotism. Technology should not be a trap for our children; it is a means to pass on rich, value-laden knowledge. I am confident that that vital lesson will not be forgotten,” Uhuru noted.

The President noted that entrepreneurship education would enable young people to nurture and develop their skills so that they can excel and avoid vices brought by joblessness.

“We wish to fully explore – we must fully explore – our rich talent for a global audience. After all, aren’t we ready, willing and able to go up against the world’s best? Of course we are. Aren’t our young people as talented as any other country’s youth? Of course they are,” Uhuru remarked.

The Head of State also called on all Kenyans to draw lessons from the students, saying their performances represent the face of Kenya as the country prepares for the general election in August.

The President was accorded a warm reception in Kisumu, the home ground of the Orange Democratic Mpvement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga.

An enthusiastic crowd along Oginga Odinga Street stopped the President’s motorcade as it made its way from Kisumu International Airport and demanded to be addressed.

Uhuru reiterated the need for democracy and said all Kenyans were at liberty to vote for whoever they wanted.

The Head of State added that politicians must convince the people to elect them through their acts and deeds and not by spreading hate.

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