April 20, 2019

President Uhuru makes special remarks about women

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday (13/04/17) made special remarks about women terming them as a pillar of the society.

Speaking during the burial of his late sister Margaret Wambui, President Uhuru noted that women had played a big role in the liberation of Kenya and the subsequent progress the country had achieved since 1963.

The Head of State explained that he appreciated women and asked other Kenyan leaders to show solidarity with them by passing the two-thirds gender rule.

“We have a responsibility to work together and ensure that the two-thirds gender rule is passed so that women can take their rightful place,” he stated, as he called on men to never underestimate the strength of women.

Uhuru termed his late sister as a strong woman who had been a pillar to the Kenyatta family and a towering figure in Kenya’s freedom struggle and public service.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto eulogised Margaret stating that she was “a great lady who served our country with distinction.”

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero described Margaret as a person of integrity whose records as Mayor of Nairobi have been hard to match for those who followed her.

He mentioned that she was credited with establishing most of the estates in Nairobi that provided cheap housing for residents.

“What she did is half the story. What is most outstanding is how she did it with integrity,” Kidero stated.

Wambui, the step-sister of President Uhuru Kenyatta, was a powerful personality in the 1970s when she tossed herself in politics and business.

Her early life is partly weaved into the story of her father and that of her mother, Wahu Kenyatta. When Jomo Kenyatta was asked by the Kikuyu Central Association to represent the body in 1929 in England, Wambui was a toddler and he returned when she was 16.

In previous interviews, Ms Wambui said she only knew her father through pictures at their Dagoretti home and letters sent from his England Storrington home in West Sussex, where he had escaped to during the Second World War.

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