August 17, 2018

President Kenyatta Rises Minimum Wage by 12%


By Derrick Kiplagat

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a 12% pay-rise for Kenyan workers. Speaking during the International Labour Day celebrations in Uhuru Park, the President said the rise was aimed at improving the living standards of Kenyans who are on the lowest rank.
“Last year we did not increase the minimum wage because we said we should work first. Today, we have increased the minimum wage because we have earned it,” said the President. The President moved on to assure the citizens of parity and equity in the terms and conditions of salaries for them.
Kenyatta, however, cautioned citizens that the increase was not only pegged on the improvement of living standards but also productivity, and appealed to both the public and the private sector workers to increase productivity to boost economic growth and justify future raises.
The President called for unity among all citizen and urged all citizens to work in building a strong and prosperous nation. He also urged leaders to focus on serving the citizens in order to build a strong nation and told them to avoid divisive politics.
“Let us criticise for the sake of doing so. Let us be on the path of doing, let us try to make our country much better,” he said.
The President said he was still committed to making the country safe, saying the government was providing modern equipment to security agencies and improving the welfare of those who work for the agencies.
“Terrorists and criminals live amongst us, they know no tribe or region. It is upon each one of us to know who our neighbours are and report those with ill motives. We should not politicize security issues.” he said. The President also pledged to fight against corruption saying that it is a way of boosting the country’s economy.

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