July 02, 2020

Powerful leaders mourn Bethuel Kiplagat

Kenya is mourning the death of former diplomat and Kenyan government official Bethuel Kiplagat.

Mr Kiplagat died on Friday (14/7/17), aged 81, at a Nairobi hospital after long illness.

President Uhuru Kenyatta remembered Kiplagat for championing peace and conflict resolution in the region and Africa at large.

“Ambassador Kiplagat has been keen to see all societies living at peace with one another through his personal initiatives as Director of Africa Peace Forum.”

“He never wanted our differences to derail our focus on nation building but rather to use our diversity to strengthen our brotherhood and nationhood,” said the President.

The Head of State noted that his fruits of labour can be seen in his efforts to restore stability in the region.

“He was a resource person to the IGAD peace process for Sudan and has been advising Sudanese civil societies on conflict resolution apart from facilitating peace talks in Uganda in 1985-1986,” the President added.

Deputy President William Ruto referred to Kiplagat as a peace envoy, who played a key role in the Somalia peace process.

“He endeavored to ensure lasting peace and harmonious co-existence among communities, a fitting legacy to his untiring efforts.He measured approach to issues and dignified demeanour earned him respect at the negotiation table,” Ruto said.

Former President Daniel arap Moi, under whom Mr Kiplagat served, indicated he learnt of Kiplagat’s death with shock and disbelief.

Mzee Moi described his former permanent secretary as a patriotic Kenyan who gave the best of his abilities to the service of this nation.

“His humility and love for this country enabled him to rise to the highest levels of the civil service and diplomacy. He will be remembered for many good things he undertook for the good of Kenya and its people,” he said in a statement.

Family sources said his health deteriorated in the last one month, leading to his death.

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