February 18, 2019

Postnatal care for breast feeding mothers


Keeping fit and moderate body posture seems like the in thing for many young ladies today.

However, once a young lady gets pregnant the weight that comes with the pregnancy seems to outdo every effort of maintaining the slim and good looking body posture one had before.

Maternal weight gain is a great challenge to many young mothers today. Once young mothers get a lovely bouncing baby, the whole idea of exercising seems to be forgotten.

All attention seems to be given to the baby, watching its diet and making the young one comfortable in adapting to the new environment.

Maternal overweight and obesity have become more common in the recent past with some mothers being subjected into high-risk obstetric condition which is associated with gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertensive disorders, and newborn Macrosomia, among other perinatal complications.

Research has shown that women who are already over-weight or obese before a first pregnancy tend to retain or gain more weight after pregnancy than average weight women.

Weight gain before, during and after pregnancy not only affects the current pregnancy but may also be a primary contributor to the future development of obesity in women during midlife and beyond.

For mothers who opt not to breastfeed their children exclusively, the chances of gaining weight at a higher rate are more increased.

Other than taking care of the lovely bouncing baby boy or girl, do you know that breastfeeding mothers need to undertake several postnatal exercises to regain back their good looking and lovely body shapes?

Once an expectant mother visits the hospital, it is always advisable that they do several exercises to help them feel better, look better, increasing the blood flow to the mother’s skin and prepare the mother body for birth.

Some studies have shown that exercise may even lower a woman’s risk of complications, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

After many mothers give birth, the whole idea of exercising seems to have been buried by the joy that comes after a mother receives the bundle of joy. Everything else seems to have gone wild with mothers regaining extraordinary weight day after the other. And if the weight and the eating habit is not checked, some mothers end up being overweight and obese causing even more health risk problems in the future.

The postnatal care for breastfeeding mothers is a topic that many mothers never bother to enroll to. Just as it is important to do exercise, while expectant or while as young lady, postnatal exercise is also very important to all breastfeeding mothers.

Once a mother has delivered, it’s important that she learns ways on how to regain back her pre-pregnancy shape in consultation with a doctor or a midwife.

According to Dr Isaiah Muhoro, a medical physiotherapist at the Outspan Hospital in Nyeri, regular exercise after childbirth offers a wide range of health benefits.

The exercise helps a mother return to her pre-pregnancy shape and gives her increased energy to cope with the demands of new motherhood. With the help of a doctor or a midwife, mothers should start their postnatal exercise as soon as they feel ready.

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are split down the middle and an adequate time is required to ensure that the muscles have healed before a mothers starts vigorous abdominal exercise

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