February 17, 2020

Police arrest man who hit, killed his 14-year-old son after he refused to go to school

Police are holding a man who hit and killed his 14-year-old son after he refused to go to school.

The man arrested in Kericho County allegedly picked a stick and hit his son fatally on the head, a Standard Six pupil at Chesanga Primary School.

According to a source at the Kapkatet Sub-county hospital who sought anonymity, Gilbert Too died at the hospital while the doctors were trying to resuscitate him.

“The boy suffered internal head injuries after being struck in the head. He died at the hospital while he was receiving treatment,” said the source.

Bureti Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Mohammed Ali said they had arrested the suspect at Kapkatet trading centre.

Medics at Kapkatet Sub-county Hospital had alerted police officers at Kapkatet police station of the presence of the suspect within the health facility after rushing his son for treatment.

Kapkatet chief Daniel Koskei, said the boy had disappeared from home on Tuesday night and his father went looking for him in the morning.

“The father went looking for his son in the morning and found him at a neighbour’s homestead. The angry man took a stick and hit the boy once on the head leading to a gushing wound as he dragged him home,” he said.

Chief Koskei added that along the way, the man noticed that the bleeding was extensive and decided to rush the boy to the hospital for treatment where the minor succumbed to injuries.

Chapter Five (5) of the Constitution of Kenyan contains the Bill of Rights, which offers protection for the safeguards of the individual rights and freedoms for every Kenyan.

These include the right to association, movement, secure protection of the law, religion and conscience, and the right to life.

The Constitution, however, does not have the rights of children expressly spelt out or guaranteed.

The Penal Code defines the Penal system in Kenya. It outlines criminal offences and prescribes penalties to them.

The Penal Code protects children, in that acts and omissions, which amount to child abuse, are classified as punishable offences.

These include:
Sexual abuse: Offences outlined in the Penal Code- Rape, Defilement, indecent assault, incest (both by males and females) and unnatural offences.

Physical Abuse: Offences include: Common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm.

Other offences that protect the lives of children include concealment of birth, killing of the unborn and procuration of an abortion.

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