February 17, 2020

Pending Million Dollar Hacker Anyone?

As is norm at this time of the year, Google has made announcements for the annual hacking competition. Contestants from all over the world come together in search for any loophole in Google Chrome and get cash prizes in return.

The prize won last year was about 2.71828 million dollars. Google explains this number as the mathematical constant for the geeks at heart.
Currently Google is shaking up the formula for Pwnium Competition. The name is derived from splicing “Pwn,” the act of breaking into a computer and owning it, with “ium,” a play on the full name for Google Chrome, i.e. Chromium.
Recently, Google made an announcement that the competition is set for a single day therefore many contestants will be faced with some challenges. The Competition involves constant processes and Google preferred the option of contestants participating from any place in the world.

Google expects Contestants to submit their bugs any time during the competition day. Residents from countries such as Syria, North Korea and Iran that are sanctioned are restricted from participating in the competition.

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