July 19, 2019

Online strategies entrepreneurs should embrace to achieve business appeal

By Biko Rading

I remember years ago, businesses grew by word of mouth or they were attractive because they were the only business in town.

But today’s competitive world means that one needs to try alternative routes to build their company’s name recognition. Although the market is flooded with lots of new products, one  has the ability to stand out and be successful if they are  willing to market it in a way that’s truly appealing to consumers

Are you looking to grow your revenue by attracting new customers? Whether you are a new business or an established business, marketing their business to online consumers is a great way to attract new customers and build wealth.

The Internet has countless options to help you build brand recognition and inspire brand loyalty.

One may not realise it, but there are marketing opportunities available at their fingertips.

Always use technology to your advantage

There are many benefits to staying modern and up-to-date in terms of technology. According to a survey by ADP Compliance Insights  people  spends an  average   3.3 hours per day on mobile devices, which is exactly why it’s a smart idea to allow mobile and wage payments for products and services. This simple act makes payments so much easier, and has the potential to make you very popular among consumers; especially, if they are the only company offering this method of payment.

People love their phones. They take them everywhere, and that means they’re paying closer attention to social media. This can benefit your business if you’re active on social media.

Offer incentives and giveaways to your social media followers. Even a flash sale can have an impact. Overall, it’s important to acknowledge how often people are interacting with their mobile devices and develop a mobile marketing strategy that works, such as app development and squeeze pages.

Regardless of your business type, you need a social media presence. Create a page for your business and get involved with your current clientele and the community at large. Post articles-content you’ve created, pictures, and more.

Run specials, create contests, and take polls. More than anything, you need engagement from users. You want to see activity. You want to see people engaging, paying attention, and this is seen through actions, such as commenting and sharing. If you’re simply posting your products, services, and pricing, people will overlook you. Be bold and make a statement to stand out online.

Create shareable content to boost your products

Content marketing continues to be the best way to attract new customers online. Forbes reports: “According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top B2B content marketing strategies are social media, articles on a business’s website, eNewsletters, case studies, videos, and articles on other websites. By using one or more of these channels, businesses are able to build a positive reputation within their industry.” So If you have not already, it’s time to get a writer.

Your team is your cornerstone

As an entrepreneur your team is the front lines of your business, and they’re also more likely to be on trend with emerging marketing trends. They can be very informative. Give your employees the opportunity to speak up and provide you with information you may not have. You may find someone has amazing ideas; give him a platform and let him be heard.
Your staff should also be mentioned on your website. For example, have a staff page. Create staff Twitter accounts, and encourage everyone to be involved in the marketing effort. Provide incentives to employees who can garner the most followers or new clientele. They should also be encouraged to share your content and promote their loyalty to your company.

People prefer to connect with businesses that are personable. Don’t take everything so seriously and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Have a sense of humour and show it online.

This will set your business apart from others and make you more shareable. Soon enough, people will see why they should do business with you and not the hundreds of other companies that aren’t standing out online.

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