April 20, 2019

Online entrepreneurship has more benefits than we can imagine

By Biko Rading

The new breed of entrepreneurs need to focus mainly on internet in order to grow their companies.
According to a recent report by Ericsson, there are high chances of online companies making profits and recruiting new customers through online market places than the traditional markets.
Most business owners think that Marketplaces are unreliable and costly in terms of commissions. The truth is, with the growing number of internet users in Kenya, joining an online marketplace is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

Famously known marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay ,Alibaba.com offer merchants an alternative route to Market their products with wide reach of shoppers. They list different or similar products from different sellers so that shoppers are able to make an informed purchase. Kaymu, OLX and Kilimall are examples of local online Marketplace.
The Managing Director of Kaymu Jean-Jacques, was quoted by the media saying that they provide awesome experience for both the sellers and the buyers and create a long term relationship for both parties.
Hnce they are creating an avenue for entrepreneurs to get exposure for their business and provide variety for the shoppers.

If you are determined to take your business to the next level or start your business at a very low cost, here are some of the advantages why an entrepreneurs should consider going online.

 Market places provide a level playing field where every seller has an opportunity to succeed depending on their individual efforts.

 The platforms offer support to both the seller and the buyer and make sure transactions are followed up through to the end.

With so much online fraud, Marketplaces focus heavily on safety to create the trust required.

 E-market places provide greater transparency in the purchasing process since availability, prices and stock levels are all accessible in an open environment. The platforms also allow sellers to monitor their buying patterns allowing them to better match their products and services

 Marketplaces offer sellers an opportunity to present their entire catalogue of products to interested buyers.
So if there are entrepreneurs who have not yet gone online, I believe this is the time.

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