April 24, 2018

Of men, women and money



January is a never a favourite month for many of us and more so for men. And not just any other men, but more so for men in relationships. The man has to work extra hard to  ensure that the relationship they are in, old or new is being well oiled to ensure that the relationship hinges do not get rusty.

In December, money is always in full loads-be it cash advances, loans or saving-it all ends up being squandered in a span of one or two weeks as this becomes the time that couples go out to exotic places and dine in exotic and exorbitant hotels and restaurants. After all it is a time to get merry. January comes and there is no optimist left. Everyone sees the glass as half empty. The pockets have holes and the wallets are seriously dented. The longing for the month to end is so intense. Woe to the men who are in relationships with women whose birthdays fall in January!

But hardly do the men set into the new month-February, than more money needs to be spent as valentines’ beckons. Original_Camille-Styles-Valentines-Day-Turtle-Card-Beauty_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Woe to the man who does not treat his girl right. During this time, the media is awash with places and ideas on how and where to spend this day. The girl on this other end also has an idea or two about how and where she would like to spend the day. Another money-thirsty giant faces the men-folks. I guess this is the time when men curse such days and wish that the 14th of February was never there. This time though, the day is inescapable as it falls on a Saturday. There are no excuses about work. Something has to happen on this day and money has to happen. Money has to be found.

When the men think that they can now relax and start doing other things with their money, April beckons. Easter holidays. This means another long weekend that needs to be spent away from home. The possible and obvious destination-Mombasa or exotic places like Zanzibar…the list being endless.

A sigh of relief can only be heard once April and the Easter holidays are by-gone as birthdays are easy to maneuver. So before the men can fully settle on their finances, they have two more months where spending needs to be done. For them, they have a very prolonged January till after the Easter holiday. So to the ladies if your man treats you to all these occasions, do appreciate him and don’t make unrealistic demands on him. The least you can do is to thank him for his efforts and let him feel loved and appreciated.

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