January 21, 2019

Odinga asks not to appear before Parliament


By  Calvin Osiemo

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) leader Raila Odinga has now written to National Assembly Clerk Justin Bundi asking not to appear before members of Parliament to give details of his allegations regarding the loss sh 87 billion raised  from the Euro bond. The opposition leader has been vocal on the issue in which he has went ahead and released names of people he referred to as ‘persons of interest’  involved in the scandal. Odinga’s sentiments on the Eurobond saga has elicited a lot of mixed reactions especially from the names mentioned to have had a hand in it.

Central bank of Kenya Chairman Mohammed Nyaoga has threatened to sue Mr. Odinga for  associating him with the loss of the money a threat Odinga has downplayed and said he has nothing to apologize for. Mr. Odinga who was set to appear before parliamentarians  on Monday next week has now said he has called off the meeting until a special audit report is out on the last financial year. In a letter signed by Odinga’s Chief of Staff Andrew Mondoh, it says the issue at hand is weighty and therefore won’t be complete without the audit report and that means Mr. Odinga cannot present anything before the report is out.

“I have been instructed to inform you that the question being raised by the former Prime Minister involves the accounts of the past financial year 2014/15. It has also come to his knowledge that the PAC has ordered for a special audit with regard to this matter. It will be important to allow the auditor finalise this audit and forward the report to the committee for us to have a more fulfilling engagement. In this regard, he will be unable to appear on January 25. His appearance when the committee is looking into 2013/14 Financial Year will not help it address the Eurobond issue,” read the letter.

Jubilee legislatures have come out accusing the opposition leader for backing down  from the meeting saying he has nothing new to give.

“The Treasury has more than explained how the Eurobond funds were spent. Mr Odinga has no more information, he can’t bring more information and that is why he has backed down. The Eurobond is about facts not politics, and no amount of politicking will change the facts,” said Tindiret MP Julius Melly.


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