February 17, 2020

Nurses issue new condition to end strike

The Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) has on Wednesday (7/06/17) reiterated that workers will not go back to work unless they sign the draft Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) they crafted with the Council of Governors.

KNUN’s Acting Secretary General Morris Opetu indicated that the CoG was insincere in conducting the CBA talks.

“The union has a clear position; that they have negotiated, agreed and concluded the CBA ready for signing. Even in the words of the CoG itself, we have them on record asking us for a date to sign the CBA and we gave them so whatever they’re still doing with our CBA it is them who can explain,” Mr Opetu explained to the media at the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection headquarters in Nairobi.

Opetu stated that the draft CBA forwarded to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) by CoG’s Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Mogeni was in fact a deal that had been arrived at as a result of talks between the union and the governors’ council.

Labour Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie said the parties in the dispute needed to agree before a final draft CBA was forwarded to the SRC for approval.

“SRC’s input is yet to be obtained. The nurses are saying they have concluded the negotiation, the council is saying they have not agreed. The two sides need to agree so that we can have a document that we can present to the SRC for a ‘letter of no objection’ and once the commission has given its advice then that is a document that can be signed and registered in court,” Kandie noted.

CoG Chairman Josphat Nanok said no County Government had received any legal notice of the strike from KNUN.

Nanok stressed that nurses had gone on strike prematurely as negotiations to conclude the CBA were at an advanced stage.

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