September 20, 2020

Nkaissery Warns Striking Teachers to Keep off Schools


By Derrick Kiplagat

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has asked striking teachers to stay away from schools. He has asked teachers to be civil as they hold their protests saying they will be accorded security as stipulated by the law.
The Cabinet Secretary asserted that programes in schools and other institutions should never be interrupted by demonstrators for any given reasons.

“To guarantee the safety of children and teachers who are engaged in learning and teaching, schools and other learning institutions have therefore been declared out of bounds to all demonstrators,” Nkaissery said.

Nkaissery’s remarks come as the teachers’ strike enters a third week, with the government maintaining there is no money in the Treasury to implement the 50-60 percent salary increment. The teachers have however vowed to stay out of classes as a way of pushing the government to meet their demands. Learning has suffered a big blow in public schools across the country and more protests are expected in the coming weeks, if the government does not pay the teachers.

Nkaissery has instructed police officers and other security bodies to offer security to schools for the children who will be in session. “I have instructed the Inspector General of National Police Service, County Commissioners and all law enforcement agencies across the country to ensure that these instructions are adhered to the letter.”

He added that those found violating the instructions should be immediately arrested and arraigned in court. He was sending a strong caution to those who were preparing to disrupt normal activities in learning institutions taking advantage of the ongoing strike. He was however quick to clarify that the government was fully aware of the Constitutional Rights of every citizen to hold peaceful demonstration.

“This has to be done within the confines of the law and any action which poses a threat to public security will be promptly countered by the government because it has a responsibility to ensure law and order is maintained at all times.”

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