February 17, 2019

Never too Young to Start: The 19 Year Old Entrepreneur

By Derrick Kiplagat

Ever heard on a 19 year old self-proclaimed CEO? Well not most of us have ever seen, heard or had an opportunity to interact with one, but I bet most of us have come across the phrase age is just a number. Without further ado meet Elsie Oluoch the CEO and founder of House of Elzuri. Get me right, she is only 19.

An outgoing, jovial and humble lady, Elsie started the House of Elzuri in 2014 at the age of 18. House of Elzuri mainly deals in skin test, make-up and body art. She takes me through how she ended- up creating her entity.
Fresh from high school, she always yearned to have independence and personal fulfillment. She also had so much interest in fashion and make up, which prompted her to take a six-month beauty therapy course at the Vera Beauty College. At Vera Beauty College she gained knowledge on manicure, pedicure, massage, facial make-up and also skin type testing.

To start up the business, many would think that at that age she could automatically ask for start-up capital from the parents, which was not the case. Apart from her passion for beauty, she also takes part in acting and stage plays, and from the stage plays she got the Ksh. 10,000 to buy the kits necessary to conduct her business. She likes making savings and says after every three months she withdraws whatever she has saved and re-stocks House of Elzuri.


Among the challenges she faces is the fact that so far her business is not so popular, which normally hinders the flow of customers. She also cites under-estimation as a setback in a business, being a 19 year old; some ladies would chose to go to well established beauty parlors to get make-up as opposed to House of Elzuri, a factor she is determined to counter.

The cost of the cosmetics is relatively high and at times they prove impossible to acquire because at times the entity lacks sufficient funds to purchase desired products.


Left to Right: Elsie Oluoch (House of Elzuri), a client with a make-up artist, a satisfied client

The young entrepreneur is motivated to move on by the fact that she has achieved so much, what she had expected to achieve at 23. Her goal in the future is to start manufacturing her own products. She advises her fellow youth to be determined in chasing their dreams and the determination will pay off.


(To get service with a touch of class from House of Elzuri email her at, houseofelzuri@gmail.com)


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