June 17, 2019

National Oil Cuts Diesel Prices in effort to Stabilize Petroleum Market

national oil

By Etaarifa Contributor

State Corporation, National Oil has announced a Ksh.3 reduction on every litre of diesel sold between now and August 14 when the Energy Regulatory Commission announces new price guidelines.

National Oil says that the move is a strategy to stabilize the petroleum market that has in the recent past been marked by month on month price increments in pump prices.

A litre of diesel will now retail at Ksh.81.50, down from Ksh.84.50 set by the ERC in the previous price adjustment exercise. The discounted prices will however vary in different towns across the country once transportation costs are factored in; depending on their distance from the port of Mombasa.

Consumers will enjoy the discounted prices either in cash or ‘SupaCard’ payment method across all the 102 National Oil outlets countrywide.

The reduction in diesel prices is also expected to have an impact on the cost of transport and that of manufacturing since it’s the main petroleum product used in those sectors.

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