February 17, 2020

NASA leaders reap benefits of Uhuru-Raila pact

NASA leader’s security detail has been reinstated after the Uhuru-Raila pact that was reached on Friday at Harambee House, Nairobi.

On Monday (12/3/2018), the Government restored the security detail of Opposition leaders and their cars returned.

According to a local daily, passports that had been confiscated will also be returned to the NASA leaders.

Sources within the police department divulged to Citizen Digital that bodyguards of close to 160 NASA lawmakers would be reinstated.

The State had launched a crackdown on Opposition leaders after the mock ‘swearing-in’ of Raila Odinga on January 30.

Raila Odinga’s allies suffered the consequences after some were apprehended and others temporarily blocked from leaving the country.

Firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna who administered the Raila oath was deported to Canada but the High Court ruled that he should be permitted back in the country.

Reports revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta first reached out to Raila three weeks ago.

According to the Standard, the two leaders held talks with close allies for days. Only a few persons in both camps and senior intelligence officials were aware of the talks.

According to a source, President Uhuru had to reach out following immense pressure from various quarters around the world to unite the country.

The President’s close family – including his mother and former First Lady Mama Ngina and younger brother Muhoho have been keen on Uhuru’s legacy, which to them would only be achieved with a united country.

The source said the Kenyatta family had sent fillers to the ex-Prime Minister. Also instrumental in the deal was Raila’s wife Ida, who is said to have been reluctant to have Raila sworn in as people’s president on January 30.
The President and Raila buried their differences in a move that caught Kenyans by surprise.

Uhuru said that it was time to change the political landscape and focus on moving the country forward.

He added that Kenya was greater than any individual and leaders should come together and discuss freely what ails the country.

Both leaders were in agreement that there was need to bury the hatchet and unite Kenyans.

On his part, the former Prime Minister noted that it was time to self-reflect as a country.

Raila pointed out that the hardline stances that the political class has been clinging on have been detrimental to the country.

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