April 20, 2019

Nakuru: Deadly Anthrax Kills two Rhinos and 100 Buffaloes


By Derrick Kiplagat

Over one hundred buffaloes and two rhinos have died at the Lake Nakuru National Park after an anthrax outbreak. Confirming the outbreak, County Executive for Agriculture Dr. Stanley Chepkwony said the animals have died in the past five days.

The County Executive added that the county government has gone ahead and put down animals suspected to be infected with anthrax in Rongai, Nakuru West and Nakuru East, since the disease was first detected. He said that the disease was identified after samples collected from the dead animals were analyzed by Kenya Wildlife Service veterinarians at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Dr. Chepkwony said that measures regarding meat consumptions have been put in place. Meat is not allowed in and out of the quarantined areas. “We are also warning people not to come into contact with these animals or their meat products. People should also make sure they consume inspected meat,” he said.

A free anthrax vaccination program is set to begin on Thursday in all the affected areas to prevent further spread.

“We will also be giving free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs because sometimes they spread anthrax by eating infected carcasses,” Dr. Chepkwony said.

He also urged the residents to be on the lookout and report any symptoms of anthrax in their animals which include fever, shivering and twitching, a harsh dry coat, blood in the dung and nostrils and also a loss of appetite. Reduction in milk production is also a symptom of anthrax.

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