October 23, 2018

My Valentine Rose Dried Up

By Gatuiri Kathendu

It’s a week after the famous Valentines day. And many regret ever coming to that day while others rejoice that the day was in their calendar.

One of the symbols that you know that day and that indeed you woke up to witness it was and still is; a red rose and any red accompaniment. Well, I was fortunate enough to get a rose that Sunday. The rose that is still somewhere on my wall. But the bad news is the fact that, its dry.

Every time I look at it, dry and ugly looking I think of how short and meaningless life is. Huh! Sounding like the Biblical wise man in Ecclesiastes. But in reality, that’s just how life is. The fact that there is nothing new under the sun, gives us some basis and supporting argument of the YOLO (You Only Live Once).

But something we fail at, is planning how we will live that life that Is only lived once. We don’t make a clear cut between enjoying life and messing life. We do not distinguish between living honorably and dignified lives and living anyway.

Like my dried rose, and so many others that are already in the dustbins, we are born dripping with freshness and smelling of enthusiastic appeal. But as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months and of course, months into years, we lose our actual purpose for living.

We lose focus on our goals of life and start helping others to live their lives. We stop with the motivation of the knowledge that every day that we awake is an opportunity to touch a life and cause a positive change.

So many of us wake up not knowing what the day brings. Actually, in real sense, we don’t know what the day holds. But we know who holds the day. God. And keeping our hope and full trust in Him helps us sail through the troubles and challenges that the day will bring.

Initially, my dried rose was smart and eye catching, with drops of water that made it so appealing. But today, the rose is the total opposite.

That’s just how life without a purpose is. Dry, unscented, and unattractive. But the moment we define our purpose for waking up and longing for each new day, we become like the same flower when its resuscitated with fresh water. The great sigh it produces when the first few drops of cool water land on its petals.

It’s true that we Only Live Once. But how we live counts. Let’s live well and aim to cause a positive impact, like a fresh rose. And we will be too absorbed into getting the good out of others that we will not get the time to become like my dried valentines rose.

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