April 20, 2019

Muturi Censure Motion Defeated


By Alex Kinyua

The censure motion against speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has been opposed overwhelmingly by Members of Parliament as a majority of members present argued that Muturi had fulfilled his mandate as the National Assembly Speaker and therefore deserved to be applauded rather than being censured.
The motion, sponsored by Kibwezi West Member of Parliament Patrick Musimba, cited Muturi of degrading the character and the ability of the honorable members of the house through making contemptuous, malicious and unfounded allegations against them thus eroding their dignity, esteem and honor as members of the August House.
Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso presided over the session as Speaker Muturi was absent for the debate, and had some difficulty regulating the members of parliament as they made their contributions.
The debate got off to a heated start as the Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale decried the lack of substance in the motion as well as accusing Musimba of malice in coming up with the motion.
Members from across the political divide however agreed that there were serious integrity and dignity issues about the eleventh parliament that needed to be ironed out if they are to regain the lost trust and respect of the Kenyan people.
Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo said that the tabled issues were factual and were haunting the whole house and therefore needed to be discussed soberly without any political affiliations, a stance taken by his Budalangi counterpart Ababu Namwamba.
“There are issues that we must address, and we should all change our ways and conduct in this house as agreed in Mombasa,” said Midiwo.
“The motion is fundamental and critical and should be separated from political affiliations. We have to accept there is a problem and confront them rightly,” added Namwamba.
Majority Leader Aden Duale defended Muturi saying that he (Muturi) is a reform minded Speaker who had changed the operations of the house for the better, highlighting the giving of control and independence to chairs of parliamentary committees as a milestone in ensuring the committees fulfilled their mandates fully.
“Leadership is defined by results and Muturi has brought reforms in the house. It is under Muturi’s leadership that chairs of parliament committees have the mandate to run their committees freely,” Duale said.
He further added that Muturi had fulfilled his oath of serving and defending the dignity, intergrity and honor of the Parliament and therefore the censure motion was irrelevant, an argument that was further supported by Tiaty Mp Asman Kamama.
However, some MPs found the censure motion relevant, accusing Muturi of disregarding and disrespecting some members of the house. Suba MP John Mbadi said Muturi’s use of discourteous language while addressing fellow MPs reflected badly on the house as a whole.
However those opposed argued that what was being witnessed on alleged conduct of Muturi was a true reflection of who the law makers have become.
The motion was rejected by majority of the MPs present. Only five of the members present supported the motion. They are, Dr Patrick Musimba who proposed it, Suba MPJohn Badi, Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo, Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi,  and Shinyalu MP Silverse Anami.

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