December 17, 2017

Murang’a Governor arrested

By Jude Titus

Murang’a governor Mwangi Wa Iria has been arrested by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission [EACC] officials over obstruction during a raid at his Thika home, Koorali estate off Gatanga-Thika road in January. Mwangi who was arrested on Monday was taken to EACC offices for questioning.

He will be charged in court on today on Tuesday.  The EACC officials said that the Governor will be charged in court for obstructing a raid at his home by officers on official duty in January this year.

On the material day, angry youths attacked EACC officials barring them from gaining access at his home where they needed to search for specific documents. The officers also ambushed the homes of some County executives as well as a consultant.

Mwangi Wa Iria’s supporters among them angry boda boda operators stormed the home, but the police could not allow them inside.

There were reports that indicated that the angry riders had taken away some documents from the EACC detectives that refused to reveal what they were searching for in the governor’s home.

The supporters who were shouting  pro-Iria chants got too rowdy and therefore the detectives had to be  taken away from the scene by police officers.

One of the detectives from the EACC team accused the governor for inciting the crowd against them a move that put their lives in danger.

‘‘We had a search warrant and we searched the house but when we went to search the governor’s cars, he became mad and said he could not allow it before making a call.  Within no time the compound was full of people who took away the documents in our possession,’’ said the detective.

The Embattled  Murang’a Governor later blamed the Senate Deputy Speaker, Kembi Gitura on his tribulations and accused him among the people who were working together to sabotage his efforts to promote development in his County.

‘‘Let it be known that I have a development agenda to execute, but the Murang’a senator has launched an onslaught on me. I am determined to focus on my development agenda despite obstacles placed in my way by those out to undermine my leadership,’’Iria indicated.

Mwangi Wa Iria won the 2013 Kenyan gubernatorial elections under The National Alliance ticket.

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