February 17, 2019

Mourinho: “If the Club Wants Me to go, they have to Sack Me”


By Derrick Kiplagat

The 2015/2016 campaign has been a terrible nightmare for the Premier League defending champions who have only managed to pick up 8 points out of 8 games; this sees them in the bottom quarter of the Premier League standings at number 16 ahead of West Brom, Aston Villa, Sunderland and Newcastle with -5 goal difference. Angry manager Jose Mourinho got into an astonishing rant with Sky Sports after losing 3-1 to Southampton, blaming match officials for his side’s troubles and remaining adamant he won’t leave the club unless he’s sacked.

Mourinho looked agitated and desperate in front of the press, and claimed that referees were scared of awarding his side a penalty while ignoring two equally strong penalty claims from Southampton. He said, “Look, I think you know me and I don’t run away from my responsibilities. First, I want to say because we are in such a big moment you should not be afraid to be honest.”

“The referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea. At 1-1, it is a huge penalty and once again we don’t get. If the FA wants to punish me they can. They don’t punish other managers. My players deserve it and the fans deserve it. Referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea, why because there is always a question mark and we are always punished,” he added.

“Clear penalties are not given. Even in the Champions League in a match we lose 2-1, we are not given a penalty in the last minute. The penalty in this game is crucial because my team, at the moment, the first negative thing that happens, they collapse. The penalty was a giant penalty and after that the team lost even more confidence.”

“If the club wants to sack me they have to sack me, because am not running away. To be champions now is very difficult because the distance is so much but I am convinced we will finish in the top four.”

“It is a crucial moment in the history of this club because if they sack me they sack the best manager this club has ever had. The message is that the results are the fault of the manager. This is a moment for everybody to assume their responsibilities and stick together.”

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