November 16, 2018

Mother collapses after seeing body of her son, 11, dangling from rope

An 11-year-old boy has shocked residents at Mutamaiyu location in Elburgon after allegedly commiting suicide under unclear circumstances.

According to the boy’s mother Miriam Wangui, she woke up early and left for church only for her to be informed of the sad news on arrival.

“I woke him up before I left the house. He was well and his breakfast was set. I received a call from a resident saying that she had heard a loud scream near my house but my son killing himself didn’t cross my mind,” said an overwhelmed Wangui.

She added that another resident called her minutes later and informed her to rush home as things were not fine with her only son.

The mother of one collapsed on arrival at the home after seeing the lifeless body of her son dangling from a rope attached to the door beams.

Wangui later told the media that she had no issue with her son and could not make of what reasons he had to take his own life.

“I had no issue with my son. I don’t know what led to him committing suicide. He has been an obedient boy and hardworking at school and his act has puzzled me,” she said.

Confirming the incident, area Chief Bethwel Kibe said that investigations have been launched.

Chief Kibe urged the parents to be observant of their children behaviour saying that it was shocking that minors have been committing suicide under unclear circumstances in the location.

“Parents should be close to their children and observe signs such as depression that would lead them to committing suicide,” said Chief Kibe.

The body of the deceased was moved to the Molo Sub County mortuary.

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