October 23, 2018

MOA to sue KFCB over guidelines on programs and advertisements

By Jude Titus

The Media Owners Association is planning to take legal action against the Kenya Film Classification Board [KFCB] citing that the Board has no mandate to regulate advertisements and programs.

This comes days after KFCB issued a directive outlawing the airing of commercials relating to alcoholic drinks, betting and contraceptive products between 5a.m and 10p.m which is the prime time and when children are deemed to be awake.

‘‘The Kenya Film Classification Board has no jurisdiction to regulate programs and advertisements. We are considering taking legal action to contest the Board’s activities should they persist to act beyond their mandate,’’ indicated a press statement from MOA.

During an annual general meeting held on Wednesday, MOA members discussed a number of issues plaguing the industry among them adverse regulation and duplication of oversight by the Government, which is hugely infringing on the freedom of the press.

‘‘The Government owes massive amounts of money to the media houses accrued from advertising which would result in not only violating the freedom of the press but also have significant impact on the commercial aspects of media business,’’ reiterated MOA.

During the annual general meeting, Dr. Hanningtone Gaya was reappointed for the second time as the Chairman of the Association. Others reappointed include; Julius Lamaon, Vice-Chairman[Kass Group], David Kimotho, Secretary [Three Stones TV], Cyrus Kamau, Treasurer [Capital Group Limited] and Francis Munywoki, Organizing Secretary [Standard Group].

KFCB Chairman Jackson Kosgei on Saturday accused the media and players in the entertainment industry of negative criticism over regulation of content.

Speaking to Journalists, Kosgei said that the critics are now investigating lifestyles of the Board members to discredit it.

‘‘Don’t waste your time asking about the chairman and his age in a bid to advance a theory that he could be having a problem with advancement in film and technology. What we should all focus on is if there is anything wrong in the country,’’ said Bishop Kosgei.

The Media Owners Association is an independent authoritative body comprising of members from leading media houses and Organizations in Kenya.



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