November 14, 2018

Miguna: NRM had no role in postponement of Raila’s swearing-in

Miguna Miguna now wants National Super Alliance (NASA) and National Resistance Movement (NRM) de-linked.

Dr Miguna’s suggestion came a day after NASA postponed the swearing-in of Raila Odinga that was to take place on Jamhuri Day.

The controversial political commentator said on Monday (11/12/17) that NRM was not involved in the decision to postpone Raila’s inauguration.

Miguna asked supporters to remain calm and wait for NRM’s update on the swearing-in.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: The NRM wishes to state that it had no role in the “postponement” of the swearing in of The People’s President made by @MusaliaMudavadi yesterday. That was
@CoalitionNASAKe ‘s decision. #NRM will give a way forward in the next day or so. Please remain calm & focused,” Miguna posted on social media.

“To @RailaOdinga, @MusaliaMudavadi and @skmusyoka : The time to DELINK #NRM and @CoalitionNASAKe is now. Let @CoalitionNASAKe pursue dialogue as #NRM leads the revolution. Those in support shout “AYE!” he added.

The outspoken analyst pointed out that NRM’s agenda was to make Kenyans seek justice.

“Most Kenyans are seeking justice. They are NOT concerned about “leadership structures.” @CoalitionNASAKe is a coalition of political parties whose primary aim is getting power through the ballot. The NRM is a revolutionary MOVEMENT. Thank you,” he added.

NASA announced on Sunday evening the function had been called off to a later date after consultation within the coalition.

“We are aware that this will be a disappointment to the people of Kenya who were eagerly waiting of this occasion. We wish to assure them that our resolve has not change.

“We wish to thank the Government and people of Mombasa County who had graciously offered to host the event. Thank you very much Mombasa…we shall be announcing the new dates of both the swearing in ceremony and the launch of the People’s Assembly as well as a more vigorous and prolonged resistance in the coming days,” the statement read in part.

The move averts a possible showdown that was looming between the Opposition and the Government.

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