April 20, 2019

Members of County Assembly (MCAs) demand for severance pay

Members of County Assembly (MCAs) are now demanding for severance pay to compensate them for the eight months that their term in office will be cut short.

The MCAs maintained that each of their 1450 members must be paid for the period they will be ousted out of office, without meeting the constitutionally stipulated five-year term.

They noted that their five-year term as anchored in the Constitution under Article 177(4), ends on March 4, 2018, hence having polls in August would slash their term, and thus an entitled pay.

“The Constitution is very specific when it comes to the term of MCAs. More specific that the term of any other elected leaders in Article 177(4) and in law we have what we call legitimate expectations.”

“The term of office for these members’ lapses on March 4, 2018 and we have asked the relevant organs, especially the Judiciary to interpret this for us, but certainly if MPs and Senators are getting it, MCAs must have it,” stated County Assemblies Forum (CAF) Chairman Johnson Osoi.

The MCAs spoke after attending the Legislative summit in Mombasa, a forum bringing together Senators and the ward representatives.

The demand by the county legislators comes days after Members of Parliament (MPs) allocated themselves an additional Sh6.5 billion in the national budget that will be unveiled next year, which is likely as compensation for the reduced term.

A budget of the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) was tabled and indicated the huge extra allocation which was, however, not explained.

Prior estimates placed the cumulative amount demanded by the MPs at Sh3.7 billion, implying that the payout may actually be higher.

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich will unveil an earlier-than usual budget next Thursday which includes the enhanced package.

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